Two new features are coming to Moonville Farms!

Moonville Farms New Features

We hope you’ve had a great time with Moonville Farms in the past few months because it’s about to get even better!

To kick things off in the new year, Moonville Farms is getting a brand-new update. With it, we’ve added two new features that are meant to take your gameplay and strategy to the next level! Here’s what we have in store in the latest patch.

Building Efficiency

Building efficiency is an entirely new metric that’ll help you optimize your Moonville base. It acts as a litmus test for the efficacy of your buildings with a specific number that represents their efficiency rating. You can find the efficiency rating for each individual building by simply clicking on it.

Moonville Farms efficiency rating

There are two factors that determine the efficiency rating:

  • Production Time - The time required to produce a product/item after all required items are delivered.
  • Full Production Time - The time required to gather all required items + the Production time

Their values are then combined and the end result is the Building Efficiency Rating (BER) = Production Time / Full Production Time. The color of the efficiency rating will change to red if it drops below 25%.

Resource items that don’t require ingredients will not be tracked and will not have a BER UI element. The same goes for the building selection popup of such buildings.

Quick Build

With the Quick Build feature players can directly construct buildings without having to enter the shop menu. When selecting a tile, the Quick Build UI will appear, giving users the option to instantly build a structure. Quick Build will always show as a suggestion for the last building that you placed. If you’ve just started your Moonville base, the UI will remain empty until you construct at least one building.

Moonville Farms Quick Build

To utilize the Quick Build feature, players have to select a valid unoccupied tile in their base. The price of the building suggested by Quick Build will only appear if you have sufficient resources. If you have enough Luns but not enough resources the Quick Build UI will be displayed. Upon clicking it, the Luns will be deducted, the structure will be placed in the base and it’ll await the delivery of resources.

Other changes

Aside from the two new features above and various bug fixes, the Moonville Farms team has also polished some of the in-game art including the world map, shop building sprites, river & ocean edges and more.

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