Moonville Farms Proximity Effects

Moonville Farms Proximity Effects

The Moonville Farms Alpha version has been out for weeks and in that period we’ve learned a lot. Without a doubt, you, the players, have also increased your knowledge of the game. One of the most common questions we get within our community is related to Proximity Effects.

In today’s short blog, we’ll shed some light upon this Moonville Farms mechanic. Here’s all you need to know about Proximity Effects!

To start things off, not all buildings generate proximity effects and not all buildings are affected by proximity effects. You can find the specifics by checking the info tab for each building. Bear in mind that the environment in your base can also be a source of proximity effects - this includes Moondrops Fields, Moonbogs, Star Ocean and others.

Knowing the source of each effect can be quite useful so here’s a full table with all proximity effects available in Moonville Farms. Note that not all proximity effects are negative.

So, how are players supposed to keep track of all these effects? After the Moonville Farms Alpha 1.5 update, we’ve added a special Proximity Building Warning. When placing a building on a specific tile, you’ll notice a popup warning you of the nearby proximity effects that’ll affect the building. Proximity warnings will notify you only of negative effects.

Pressing “Cancel” will return you back to the Town view (not the shop). If you want to proceed with the construction of the building then simply select “Build”.

Proximity effects can drastically improve or reduce the production efficacy of your base depending on the way you utilize them. The Alpha version of Moonville Farms continues! In the meantime, we’ll continue gathering feedback and improving the game.

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