Moonville Farms Pre-Alpha Tasks

Moonville Farms Pre-Alpha Tasks
Moonville Farms Pre-Alpha is here!

Greetings, Myrians!

The Moonville Farms pre-Alpha is about to launch and we couldn’t be more excited! We wanted to take this opportunity to set the right expectations. The pre-Alpha is the first time players will be able to experience Moonville Farms. This launch will last exactly one week, followed by a short hiatus and the release of Alpha 1 which will transition directly into Alpha 2.

Our internal team has done plenty of work to ensure the functional features of the game but there's still lots to be done on user experience which will come with the official release – that’s coming after Alpha 2.

The pre-Alpha of Moonville Farms is in no way a representation of the final product. It’s a chance for us to gather intel and improve it in all aspects.

That’s why the focus of the pre-Alpha build won’t be on gameplay but the overall feel, basic functionalities and mechanics in the game. We want to turn Moonville Farms into a game that you’d genuinely enjoy playing but we can’t do it without you. This is where you, the community, can lend us a helping hand and point us in the right direction with some valuable feedback.

We’d like to ask anyone participating in the pre-Alpha to try out specific features and complete certain tasks (they won’t feel like a chore we promise!). You can then share your thoughts on the game and shape the future of Moonville Farms.

To access the game:

  1. Head to
  2. Connect your registered wallet
  3. Start farming!

Pre-Alpha Task List:

  • Sell items using the Cargo Station
  • Build a Sunwind Collector
  • Build a Forger Hub

These tasks are meant to introduce you to the gameplay loop of developing your base and trading resources to sustain your growing economy. As you hire workers to produce better resources, the costs of your base will increase but you’ll be able to offset them by selling more expensive resources.

Some useful information about the tasks:

  1. Sell items using the Cargo Station
Cargo Station

The Cargo Station is a building available to everyone at the start of the game. Simply click on it and select the “Trade” option. You can then choose a resource and sell it by paying the Light Shards cost.

Sell to the city that’s closest to you as it costs less fuel and takes less time to complete the sale, making it the most efficient choice. Note that you can only sell resources in stacks of 10.

2. Build a Sunwind Collector

Sunwind Collector

To build a Sunwind Collector you’ll need 140,000 Luns and 5x Starsteel. This structure can produce Stardust, Purple Sweet and Moonflakes, ingredients that you can sell for profit or use to create even more complex materials.

3. Build a Forger Hub

Forager Hub

The Forger Hub costs 21,000 Luns and the Forger Drone it provides will collect Starsteel from nearby Starsteel Obelisks and Starsteel Mines (it’ll also move Starsteel to where it’s needed). Since Starsteel is a requirement for many of the other buildings, having a Forger Hub is essential.

Providing Feedback

Please share your feedback via this form:

Feel free to comment on anything that you like, love or dislike. Tell us everything! We believe that players come first and our top priority is to make the game as enjoyable as possible.

We wouldn't be here without your support!