Moonville Farms Supernova Maxi NFT

Moonville Farms Supernova Maxi NFT

Moonville Farms’ pre-alpha stage has just come to a close, and we’re celebrating the game’s upcoming public alpha launch with a very special community event!

We will be rewarding Sigil NFT holders with exclusive Supernova Maxi NFTs! The raffle will be part of the bigger Solar Festival launching within the next month. So, how can you participate in the Supernova NFT raffle and what is the Solar Festival?

The Solar Festival

The Solar Festival is our way of thanking the Moonville Farms community for all the support. Throughout the event, users can earn Moonville Farms NFTs. Some of them will be cosmetic, others will improve your gameplay experience with various bonuses.

During the Solar Festival, players will be presented with different tasks (quests). These can be in-game, social, or on the market. Each completed task will reward users with a number of Stars. Some of the quests are repeatable, while others are one-time only. Users can convert their earned Stars into raffle tickets with a ratio of 5:1 (5 Stars for 1 ticket). At the end of each week, raffle tickets held by users will be used to enter the draw. A higher number of tickets means higher chances of winning a reward!

Raffles and Rewards

During the Solar Festival, there will be two different raffles – the Weekly raffle and the Supernova raffle. Both the rewards and the eligibility criteria for the two raffles will be different.

Weekly raffle

The Solar Festival Weekly raffle is open to all players and gives everyone a chance to win Moonville Farms NFTs! To enter the draw, simply complete tasks during the Solar Festival to earn raffle tickets. Note that ticket entries only count for a single raffle and get reset after each week. This decision was made to prevent users from stacking raffle tickets to increase the odds in the following weeks.

The Weekly raffle will reward users with two types of Moonville Farms NFTs:

  • Decorations - they are purely cosmetic to customize your Moon Farm
  • Buildings - these NFTs make your base more efficient with added bonuses that impact gameplay

Supernova raffle

The Supernova raffle will be separate from the Weekly draw and will only be open to those who hold a Supernova Maxi NFT.

So how do you get a Supernova Maxi NFT? All players who hold a Myria Alliance Sigil NFT in their Myria L2 wallet on the snapshot date will receive an airdrop of up to 5 Supernova Maxi NFTs, depending on the rarity of their Sigil (more on this below).

Players will need to burn their Supernova Maxi NFT to enter a Supernova raffle.

The Supernova NFT raffles will feature rarer and more powerful rewards than the Weekly raffle with greater effects than their normal counterparts, giving their owners a bigger advantage during gameplay.

Supernova Maxi NFT airdrop

All Sigil NFT owners will be eligible for a free airdrop of a Supernova Maxi NFT. The number of airdropped NFTs will vary depending on the rarity of the Sigil NFT.

  • Common Sigil - 1 Supernova Maxi NFT
  • Rare Sigil - 2 Supernova Maxi NFT
  • Ultra Rare - 5 Supernova Maxi NFT

To be qualified for the airdrop, all you have to do is hold a Sigil NFT in your Myria L2 Wallet on the snapshot date of October 4th at 17:00 (GMT+8:00).

If you didn’t earn one during the Sigil claim period, they are also available for purchase on the Myria marketplace.

About Moonville Farms
Moonville Farms is a competitive play-and-earn blockchain farm simulation game. Play AND earn tokens and NFTs with Moonville Farms. Easy to play and difficult to master, Moonville Farms will test your ability to manage resources and production in an efficient manner. Develop your base, get points, climb the ranks and be rewarded for all your work. Compete with other players and earn tokens and digital assets. At the end of each tournament, the scoreboard is reset and you can put all your knowledge to good use with a fresh start.

About Myria
Myria is a game development studio and an Ethereum Layer 2, built to scale digital assets, NFTs and blockchain gaming. The platform utilizes ZK roll-up technology to supercharge its ecosystem and bring the next generation of crypto gamers on board. Myria excels at creating Play-and-Earn games that are first and foremost designed to be fun to play, with the added bonus of earning tokens and NFTs along the way. In addition to creating its own games, Myria also partners with other developers and studios that focus on Play-and-Earn titles, bringing them to its state-of-the-art blockchain. Thanks to the ZK tech, users can expect high transaction speeds and some of the lowest fees in the space.