The Moonville Farms Solar Festival Is Live

The Moonville Farms Solar Festival Is Live

The Moonville Farms alpha is officially live! We want to celebrate this milestone and thank our community with the Moonville Farms Solar Festival! This time-limited event is here to reward all early birds—we hope that includes you. Anyone participating in the Solar Festival will have the chance to earn some Moonville NFTs! Here’s what you need to do to have fun and win…

Solar Festival tasks

Throughout the Solar Festival, players have the chance to earn digital assets by completing simple tasks. This is how we build our community while giving something back. Each task completed earns you a certain number of Stars. Check the official Solar Festival page to see the list of all available tasks.

If you get stuck on any of the tasks, refer to the table below, which we’ve created for you as a quick and easy reference guide.



Star Reward

How to complete it

Create a wallet in the Myria marketplace



Visit the Myria marketplace and connect your MetaMask to create your Myria Wallet

Deposit ETH to your Myria wallet



Top up your Myria Wallet with ETH

Purchase up to 5 NFTs from the Myria marketplace

5X Max


Visit the Myria marketplace and purchase any NFT found on it

Refer a friend to join Moonville Farms

No Limit


Invite a friend to register with the referral code found on the Solar Festival page. The referral must purchase at least 1 NFT from the Myria marketplace to count

Join the Myria Discord channel



Click on the “Go To Discord” button on the Solar Festival page and verify your Discord account

Follow Moonville Farms on Twitter



Follow the official Moonville Farms Twitter account

Subscribe to Moonville Farms on YouTube



Subscribe to the official Moonville Farms YouTube channel

By completing tasks you’ll earn Stars. You can then convert Stars into raffle tickets and enter the Solar Festival raffle. For every 5 Stars, you can claim 1 ticket. The more tickets you have, the higher your chances of earning a reward.

Solar Festival rewards

The Solar Festival raffle will reward players with Moonville Farms NFTs. Some of these NFTs will improve in-game performance by making your workers and buildings more efficient. This is a good way to gain an edge over the competition. The end result is higher placement on the leaderboard, which in turn leads to more in-game rewards.

Moonville Farms NFTs will be released gradually. They are also in limited supply making them a scarce resource. For anyone planning to play Moonville Farms competitively, these NFTs will play a vital role and will be highly sought after in Moonville’s NFT market.

Stay tuned for more updates on the upcoming Supernova raffle.

With the Supernova raffle, players will also have the chance to earn higher-tier rewards. This is a separate raffle that will be held soon. In order to earn entries for the Supernova raffle, users must own Supernova NFTs. Be sure to follow Moonville on Twitter for regular updates.

Solar Festival duration

Don’t miss your chance to take part in the first—but not the last—Solar Festival in Moonville Farms. That’s right! There are more NFT festivities on the way so stick with us via our social channels to ensure you stay in the loop. Check out our growing community on Discord!

This first Solar Fest will run for six weeks, giving everyone time to gather enough Stars to enter the raffle and have the chance to win.

Join the Solar Festival, complete tasks, earn Stars, convert them to tickets and participate in the first-ever Moonville Farms raffle for a chance to win a valuable NFT! Good luck!

About Moonville Farms

Moonville Farms is a competitive play-and-earn blockchain farm simulation game. Easy to play yet difficult to master, Moonville Farms will test your ability to manage resources and production in an efficient way. Develop your base, get points, climb the ranks and be rewarded for your skills. Compete with other players and earn tokens and digital assets. At the end of each tournament, the leaderboard is reset, and players can begin another round, leveling up with their newly acquired in-game knowledge. So, hop on in and start playing and earning tokens and NFTs with Moonville Farms!