Moonville Farms – The Earning System Explained

Moonville Farms Earning System
How can you earn in Moonville Farms?

The Moonville Farms alpha is live! We’ve already received tons of valuable feedback from our community and launched numerous updates and fixes, improving the Moonville experience. One question that often gets asked by potential and current players is “What can I earn by playing?”. Today, we’ll have a look at the Moonville Farms earning system.

The Play-and-Earn Model

Moonville Farms is not a Play-to-Earn game. It utilizes the Play-and-Earn model which improves upon its predecessor by making the game more accessible. Here’s a quick comparison between the two models:

  • Play-to-Earn (P2E) - The original blockchain gaming model that brought crypto games into the spotlight. P2E games usually have a barrier to entry as they require a specific NFT asset to start playing. They offer substantial gains to early adopters and the profit drops as the game matures. This is often the result of a badly designed economy and repetitive gameplay that drives a lot of players off.
  • Play-and-Earn (P&E) - Player-and-Earn adopts a different strategy by creating a gameplay loop where playing doesn’t feel like a chore. Most P&E have no barrier to entry as they adopt the free-to-play model which is great for their mass adoption. In addition, the economy is designed for long-term sustainability, rewarding player skill over the time spent playing. You can think of P&E games as enjoyable titles with an added earning element.

Ways to Earn in Moonville Farms

Moonville Farms uses the Play-and-Earn model and rewards players based on their in-game performance. Gamers can earn in two ways:

  • Placing higher on the leaderboard (limited to competitive servers)
  • Completing challenges
  • Staking earned tokens to get additional rewards

There are two types of servers in Moonville Farms - casual and competitive. The big difference is that competitive servers require an entry fee. In return, they reward skilled players based on their leaderboard standing. The higher they are in the charts, the bigger the reward. Casual servers also have a leaderboard but don’t distribute any rewards based on player rank.

One guaranteed way of earning in-game rewards is by completing challenges. They still require a certain level of skill to complete, as their difficulty will gradually increase after each successful mission. Challenges are available on all servers.

Staking your earned rewards will grant you APY. By staking the Moonville native token, users not only increase their earnings but also remove tokens from circulation and increase the Total Value Locked (TVL). Higher TVL means less price volatility and better stability of the game’s token.

Can you earn without spending anything?

Yes, you can play for absolutely free and earn in-game rewards that you can later use to purchase in-game boosts or NFTs on the Myria marketplace. You’ll also be able to sell your NFTs directly on the market.

Will you earn more in competitive servers?

You can think of competitive servers as tournaments. Gamers pay an entry fee and then compete. At the end of the tournament, players are rewarded based on their placement (leaderboard position).

Net spenders and long-term sustainability

In Play-to-Earn titles, players try to maximize their ROI and earn much more than their initial investment (value extraction). Paired with a badly designed economy, this can lead to high inflation and the rapid devaluation of earnings and digital assets.

Moonville Farms aims to attract net spenders instead of value extractors. By rewarding players based on their skills, the game’s economy can remain steady and avoid the turmoils of the market.

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About Moonville Farms

Moonville Farms is a competitive play-and-earn blockchain farm simulation game. Easy to play yet difficult to master, Moonville Farms will test your ability to manage resources and production in an efficient way. Develop your base, get points, climb the ranks and be rewarded for your skills. Compete with other players and earn tokens and digital assets. At the end of each tournament, the leaderboard is reset, and players can begin another round, leveling up with their newly acquired in-game knowledge. So, hop on in and start playing, earning tokens and NFTs with Moonville Farms!