New and Improved: Moonville Farms Alpha 1.5

Moonville Farms Alpha 1.5 Update patch notes
Moonville Farms is getting even better!

Farming ain’t easy but someone has to do it! The Moonville Farms alpha has seen a lot of interest and it has helped the team make plenty of improvements. Thanks to your valuable feedback we’re revamping old mechanics and adding new ones with the upcoming release of Moonville Farms Alpha 1.5! Here’s what you can expect in the new version of the game.

Moonville Alpha 1.5 Patch Notes

One of the biggest changes we’re implementing in Alpha 1.5 is a worker speed bonus. In order to get the increased speed both the starting point and the destination have to be connected by infrastructure (Transport Node) to each other and a Cargo Station. Selling the Cargo Station or a Transport Node between two points will nullify the speed bonus.

Some of the other changes coming with Moonville Farms Alpha 1.5 include:

  • Improved worker feedback - Players get additional information about workers and the buildings they belong to
Moonville Farms Alpha 1.5 Worker feedback marker
Workers now have a marker on the building they belong to.
  • Proximity details on tiles - Players can select a tile or a building and get information on all nearby proximity effects
Moonville Farms Alpha 1.5 proximity effects
With the Alpha 1.5 update you can select a building or a tile and view all nearby proximity effects.
  • Proximity warning popup - Upon placing a building, players will be notified if its production is slowed by proximity effects
Moonville Farms Alpha 1.5 Proximity Warning
Be careful where you place your buildings.
  • Luns bankruptcy popup - Players will be notified when they’re about to go bankrupt
Whenever you're close to going bankrupt you can expect this popup.
  • Daily Missions UI tweaks
Daily MIssion UI Alpha 1.5 Moonville Farms
Alpha 1.5 brings some tweaks to the Daily Mission UI
  • Trade Screen Rework including UI/UX improvements
Moonville Farms Alpha 1.5 Trade Screen
The trade screen gets an overhaul.
  • Extra tooltips on resources - Each resource now has a tooltip that displays additional information about it
  • Loading Failed notification - Now you get the reason for your failed login (e.g. wallet disconnected)
  • Ocean proximity positive effects - The Moonwood Furnace and the Moonflakes Shredder now get benefits depending on their proximity to the ocean
  • Various art fixes
  • Added tutorial images

Many of the changes we’ve done focus on improving the overall user experience and bringing more clarity to the game’s mechanics. Something crucial for new players. Aside from the improvements listed above, we’ve also fixed numerous bugs and glitches that sometimes plagued your gaming experience.

You can expect all of these changes to go live once we deploy Alpha 1.5. The game server will be reset between 8:00 - 10:00 AM UTC on November 15.

Don’t forget, by submitting your feedback on our Discord channel, you’re helping us make Moonville Farms the game you want to play!